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Dutch researchers uncover dirty jokes in Anne Frank’s diary

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Anne Frank’s Family Tried to Escape to US, Hit Roadblocks

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Stay informed on the work of the Anne Frank House. Browse through our news items and press releases, register for the news letter, or read our blog. Early life. Frank was born Annelies or Anneliese Marie Frank on 12 June at the Maingau Red Cross Clinic in Frankfurt, Germany, to Edith (née Holländer) and Otto Heinrich had an older sister, Margot.

The Franks were liberal Jews, and did not observe all of the customs and traditions of Judaism. They lived in an assimilated community of Jewish and non-Jewish citizens of various.

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Jul 07,  · BERLIN (AP) — Research suggests the family of Anne Frank, the world famous Jewish diarist who died in the Holocaust, attempted to immigrate to the United States and later also to.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, by Anne Frank and B.M. Mooyaart, was actually the real diary of Anne Frank. Anne was a girl who lived with her family during the time while the Nazis took power over Germany.

RESEARCHERS using digital technology deciphered the writing on two pages of Anne Frank’s diary that she had pasted over with brown masking paper, discovering four naughty jokes and a candid.

Anne frank research paper
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