Baseline research on executive education in

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Executive Education

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The Baseline Officer Longitudinal Study (BOLDS)

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Neuroscience for Leadership

Executive education is an important tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. It offers executives new knowledge to enhance skills and gives them the. Our executive education program initiative aims to provide training opportunities to working professionals and senior executives in the state in order to make businesses achieve higher productivity and enhance their competitiveness.

The A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research can develop a custom program in marketing research to suit your company’s needs. To learn more about our executive education offerings and how we can assist you, contact Executive Director Neeraj Arora, and Director Kristin Branch.

Additionally, the A.C. Nielsen Center hosts a biennial invitation only educational conference. We match executives to programs that fit their experience, interests, and schedule; and employers to programs that meet the needs of their executives.

Executive Education in Corporate Citizenship For more than 30 years, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship executive education programs have helped more than 10, corporate citizenship professionals fast-track their careers.

Marketing Research Executive Education

A women-owned executive search firm with experience in executive search for elementary, secondary, and higher education as well as for nonprofit associations and cultural institutions. Haley Associates Haley Associates is a boutique retained higher education consulting and executive search firm.

Baseline research on executive education in
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