Curley s wife sympathy

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Do you have any sympathy for Curley's wife?

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Curley s wife essay sympathy words

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Maybe the men didn't even best Curley's last name. Sympathy featured throughout the circular novella through characters, their lives and in their status/heirachy and through death. Curley's Wife & Crooks The reader feels sympathey towards both crooks and Curley's Wife as they both suffer from some sort of prejudice at the ranch.

While Crooks is. So, Curley's wife deserves little sympathy, although her death is tragic. For, in Steinbeck's naturalistic world, the indifference of the universe is evident, just as it is in Robert Burns's poem. SYMPATHY: Furthermore, Steinbeck again creates sympathy for Curley’s wife by introducing her maternal side when she is talking to Lennie in the barn.

Steinbeck does this through the use of calm and comforting adjectives.

Of Mice and Men: How does the author show sympathy for Curley’s wife Essay John Steinbeck presents Curley’s wife at the start of the story as an irrelevant character because she has no relation with George and Lennie.

At the start, Curley is one of the most important characters (besides George and Lennie) because he has the power to crush George and Lennie’s dream of having a farm of your own.

Oct 11,  · No copyright infringement intended. A revision resource for students or an in class prompt for discussion. I.e. Can students explain the items seen in the cl. Whilst Lennie is fascinated by Curley’s wife, Slim and George see her differently [structural point showing awareness of characters’ different attitudes].

Slim recognises her attractiveness but his disinterest is symbolically shown by his disembodied voice ‘coming through the door’.

Curley s wife sympathy
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