Environmental problems in el salvador

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El Salvador fights to protect its water and people from ‘free trade’

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El Salvador’s Environmental Crisis

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El Salvador

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El Salvador Environment - current issues

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El Salvador has one of the highest annual rates of deforestation in the world. The concern about access to clean water in El Salvador, as this Guardian article indicates, has grown to become a movement, a matter of human rights – in part because of the problems caused by. What can we do here in El Salvador to improve the situation in El Salvador?

Environmental Problems in El Salvador photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli 2 simple ways we can help the environment How do we impact on our environmental situation?

and now to present public enemy number 1 PLASTIC BAGS a.) billion. Land and Resources, Environmental Issues soil contamination, soil erosion, Water pollution, safe water, pesticides. El Salvador has one of the highest annual rates of deforestation in the world. Environmental Problems in El Salvador Words Nov 27th, 8 Pages With a total land mass of just 8, square miles, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America.

El Salvador Environment - current issues

El Salvador's environmental crisis. He is aware of Sosa and Cruz's concerns about the environmental problems in their region, as well as the problems with the dam.

Environmental problems in el salvador
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