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Police corruption

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Police Discretion

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Police Discretion - Research Paper Example

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Since beginning my career as a police officer over three decades ago, I have witnessed various changes in our field: from the dramatic decrease in crime, to a concentration on crime prevention, to today’s new focus on reducing incarceration and racial disparities while preserving public safety.

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View Essay - Police Discretion-Research Paper from CCJS at University of Maryland, University College. Hannah Longbine Police Discretion Police Discretion is defined as an official action by a%(7).

Author: Johann Graf Lambsdorff. Passau University Discussion Paper October Abstract: Governments and private firms try to contain corruption among their staff mostly in a top-down, rules-based approach. They limit discretion, increase monitoring or impose harsher penalties. Principles-based, bottom-up approaches to anticorruption, instead, emphasize the importance of value systems.

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Police discretion research paper
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