Research papers delegatus non potest delegare

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/ date: 28/07/ in the matter between: the hospital association of south africa ltd. A well-known rule of administrative law is delegatus non potest delegare: the beneficiary of a statutory power cannot delegate its exercise. This is only a rule of construction, though, and is subject to the famous Carltona exception, pursuant to which civil servants can.

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. Alhaji Mohammed Momoh. Appellants. And. Ayodare & Sons (Nig) Ltd. It is caught by the principle of delegates non potest delegare.

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" so as to render the maxim ' Delegatus non protest delegare ' applicable. What the Ag. Chief Lands Officer did is merely to convey to the respondent the approval of the.

1 Extracts: Delegation of Statutory Powers. planning, research and investigation in relation to the environment; (b) (delegatus non potest delegare) that rule can be displaced by the language, scope or object of a particular administrative scheme. International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS) Volume 3 Issue 12, November ISSN: hallmark of this paper is the discussion, a critical appreciation delegatus non potest delegare.

In constitutional administrative law, the principle. It is therefore crucial that in exercising such powers, due consideration should be given to certain legal principles, such as: the delegatus delegare non potest rule prescribing that "a delegate cannot delegate his authority" and the ultra-vires doctrine, restricting the exceeding of powers given.

Research papers delegatus non potest delegare
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