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Pitch discrimination and melodic still in children with broad spectrum disorder. Autism is a very diverse condition, and as such, it is often referred to as being a “spectrum” disorder which encompasses many different types of disability, all of which can affect unique individuals differently.

This custom research paper will focus on autism which is defined as a developmental disability which is believed to occur in early three years of a child’s life. This disability comes up as a result of a neurological disorder that actually disturbs the normal functioning of the brain which thereafter impairs the development of an individual’s communications and interaction abilities.

Autism Term Paper: Autism is the psychological disorder which occurs on the basis of the disorder of the development of the human brain and is characterized with the definite and profound deficit of social activity and communication.

The disorder is also characterized with the limited circle of interests and constantly repeated actions. All the mentioned symptoms can be detected in the child.


It has been presumed that before the discovery of the pattern of symptoms now known as autism, that people did exist with the syndrome, and were lumped together either.

Autism. Autism Introduction The only information that I had ever known regarding autism came from a nineteen eighties movie called Rain Man.

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Term paper about autism
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