Write a test script

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Effective and best way to write testng script in Selenium

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Personality Test - Jung, Briggs Myers Types

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How to Write a Script Outline: The 8 Major Plot Points

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We can use TestNG feature in selenium to run test in simple way and in order. The process of writing, executing and managing test cases forms the foundation of ensuring software quality. But what does it take to write a high-quality test case? Let’s take a deep dive into an actual, tangible example of what a good test case looks like.

How to write test scripts other testers can follow

The above resources should give us the basics of the test writing process. Levels of test writing process: Level 1: In this level, you will write the basic cases from the available specification and user documentation. Level 2: This is the practical stage in which writing cases depend on the actual functional and system flow of the application.

Level 3: This is the stage in which you will. Before writing Test Cases, let's look at the definition of a Test Case. A Test Case is a set of steps to carry out, along with the expected correct result of those steps, in order to test some functionality. Decision table testing is an easy and confident approach to identify the test scenarios for complex business logic.

There are several test case design techniques. If the test evaluates to true, the test passed. Adding a test script to a collection or folder.

Users can add test scripts to a collection, a folder, or a single request within a collection. A test script associated with a collection will run after every request in the collection.

Write a test script
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